On paths unknown, our highest priority
is your peace of mind.


Favorite office ever...

   When I began my transition back to Boston after living in Santa Barbara for 20 years, the vision was to build a bi-coastal business and work out of this space on Miramar Beach during the winter.  So, for 8 years in February and March, this is where I learned about the financial services industry.  

It was a major life transition, but this part of it was SO fun...

Thoughtful planning is an essential element of any successful transition and 

at Jaynyk Coaching, our mission is to bring four fundamentals to your decision making:

Clarity:  Certainty in your approach to your transition;

Focus:  Freedom from distraction and aligned with intention;

Ease:  The ability to move forward with confidence and without struggle; and

Grace:  Being resilient and centered as you move from one obstacle to the next.

Graceful Transitions result when you bring clarity, focus and ease into your transition planning.

Transition Management

  One should never make major financial decisions without thoughtful life planning or make life decisions without considering the financial impact.  Peace of mind comes from having the right team members beside you to ensure a transition that brings the most desirable result rather than the easiest or fastest solution.  Whether you're facing divorce, death of a loved one, aging parents, gambling or business success, you'll have support through every decision and a shoulder to lean on each step of the way.

About Jayn

  Armed with a solid background in accounting and taxation, Jayn Krasco Stillson completed the CFP Professional Education Program in 1999 and then began her career as a Financial Advisor with Waddell & Reed.  Through a Coach Training Program in 2010, she developed a process of working with clients in a way that reaches far beyond simply managing their financial assets. Her strengths lie in her innate analytical/organizational skills and her ability to build a team of custom tailored professionals around her clients.   Seeing herself as the quarterback for her client's team, her goal is to educate on relevant issues, motivate them to take action and facilitate any transition or transaction. 

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